söndag 17 juni 2018

Bright colours for bright summer days

As summer events are approaching one yearns for more colour and light materials. And as my friend Johanna at https://www.facebook.com/evajohanna.arts.crafts/ just showed her circlet made of Bright coloured string covering a metal band I finally got the inspiration for making that multicoloured gefrens I have had plans for for quite some time. I even ordered different colours of silk in order to make one.

What is a gefrens then? Well it is a small fringelike accessory covering the back of the neck, and is mostly depicted in late 15th Century german art. It comes in many different colours and shapes, there are even those in metal. 

These ones are my main inspiration, clearly thin stripes of different colours, not just three large blocks of colour.
It is often seen used just as it is, over the braided hair, but it is also seen in combination with other headwear such as vulsthaube and steuchlein.

For my new gefrens, I started with a silk lucet cord and then measured and cut the strands in green, yellow and red.
My silks are a thick lush one from Devere yarns
Don´t complicate things, use whatever comes handy!
 I measured twelve strands for every stripe, and then tied them onto the lucet cord in threes.
A simple and fast little project finished! And a small and very versatile accessory is ready for use.
And I love how it just naturally makes those waves you see here:

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