måndag 1 augusti 2011

I´ve got a new dress!

So, even though I´m busy with commissions, helping friends and trying to relax a bit during my vacation I´ve managed to finish one new dress all for me. It´s a german-swiss inspired shortsleeved dress in dark blue and grey herringbone patterned wool. The sleeves are a bit to long, but I´m thinking of lining them so that I can fold them up a bit with a contrasting colour. The question´s just, which colour?

The cut-out is simple, a four-piece bodice and the skirt in four parts as well. Not that much width since I ran out of fabric, but it´s supposed to be a working kirtle for everyday use. The bodice is lined with linnen for support and is cut in a rather deep V-neckline in the back.

Now I just need to finish that lovely green 14-th century dress that´s sadly not for me. The details are turning out fine, just takes to much time!

I just might go back to 14th century myself after this amusing little excavation into german 15th and 16th century. Going to lectures on frilled veils with Isis Sturtewagen and 14th century cut and materials in clothing by Margareta Nockert next week just might push me over the edge...

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