fredag 5 augusti 2011

One 14th-century dress to go

So, finally, at eleven minutes past midnight, I was done. And with still a couple of days to go!

This is a dress that a friend is going to use during Battle of Wisby, the commemoration of the large battle outside of Visby in 1361.

Sewn in dark green wool cloth, the dress is cut in four pieces with gores back, front and in the sides. The bodice and sleeves are lined with linen, and the lining for the sleeves is cut on the bias for maximal movability. Laced in the front and buttoned in the sleeves I´m hoping it will be a good dress to use for everyday work.

Since it got a little short lengthwise, I decided to do the hem with a band of contrasting fabric in stead of sewing it up. This gives at least two to three centimetres on the length and gives the dress a more elaborate look.

Buttons are sewn in the fabric scraps of the dress and lacingholes, buttonholes and buttons are sewn with a steady black silk that will hold.

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