tisdag 19 februari 2013

Here we go!

This Saturday we had our second sewing circle dedicated to fitted underwear. Åsa had gotten a long way and brought her already fitted boob-bags for help with fitting the bodice. I started with cutting out a front and back-piece, roughly shaped after the new toille but in two pieces instead of four. Then I had to mark were to make the cut-outs for the boob-bags. As we had discussed last time and Åsa had tried, I used an underwire-bra to mark the size and shape. Since all my underwire-bras are to big cup-wise nowadays, I decided to simply sacrifice one and split it in order to make a pattern. Of course some fabric had to be added and a lot of fitting had to be done, but Åsa was a great assistant. And I aimed for a small cutout to begin with, since it is easier to cut out more as you go than the other way around.

To be sacrificed for science

A good and simple way to measure
Marked and ready for the cut
 To be continued...

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