torsdag 21 februari 2013

It is all in the preparations, right?

OK, I´m no fan of basting, fitting, re-doing, fitting, basting some more... But this project needs patience and a lot of looking into the details. I did a whole lot more research, planning and discussing on this one than ever before, I´m normally the "lets get these scissors into that fabric asap and see where it will take us"-kind of gal, which many of my friends can testify.

So this is surely a challenge for me, still in the toille-stage and no where near getting that done, by the looks of it.

This is how far I have gotten now:

I took the bra-cup apart to use the pieces for the pattern.

This is the toille-pieces for the boob-bags, after some fitting
 and adjusting of size and shape.

I cut out holes in the front-piece, starting with leaving a bit on the top
 to try it out with fitting the boob-bags in first.

This is the boob.bags basted together, fitted and pinned to the frontpiece.

All basted together.

Next in line for some fitting and cutting - the backpiece.

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