söndag 1 maj 2011

Commissions comes first

In spite of the big event Double Wars getting nearer, I haven´t even started on my new garb that´s been planned for at least a year now. No, since I´ve gotten a large commission, this comes first. Six complete outfits, from three different time periods, all hand-sewn and should be ready like yesterday. But it feels so good to be making something wonderful and pretty and for someone that really understands the work and appreciates the detail and quality of handsewn clothes. And if I really get my inspiration flowing (with a nice big kick in the butt to get there) I just might make something for myself aswell.

I have however gotten around to make the outlines for my first dragon for the "We have dragons"-challenge (read more: http://dragonsembroiderers.blogspot.com/). Sometimes it´s not all bad when no-one turns up for an embroidery workshop...