lördag 1 september 2012

To honour those that inspire and teach

This posting is dedicated to the people that inspire and teach me new wonderful things or just the little tips and tricks that make everything simple and easy to manage.

I have for several years sewn a number of tight fitted dresses. I would never have been able to do this without the help from Felicitas Schwartzenbergin, who made the toille for me. That was the first time I saw toillemaking and it was a wonderful experience! OK, lots of pins in awkward places, tickles and giggles were involved. I have seen Felicitas making toilles for other people a number of times and it is a true art! She looks at a picture of a garment, looks at the person that wants to make it, grabs fabric and scissors and just creates magic. http://bippimalin.livejournal.com/

Another true inspiration for me is Åsa Vävare, professional handweaver and researcher in old techniques. I met her first in Gutars Bågskyttar, the medieval archer association of Gotland, where we worked together in aiming for the members to make better and more period garb. She is the main supplier for yarns and silks for embroidery and handsewing and a visit to her studio always get my juices flowing… She has taught me how to make woven edges on garments and purses, how to make a fabric covered box, shared her patterns for hoods and shirts with me, as well as gotten me the original patterns for the Herjolfsnes garments direct from the National Museum in Copenhagen. She tips me about new inspiring books and gets them for me and can tell how one decorated the home with textiles in medieval times, something I will try out at our next event. http://naama.textilverkstad.se/#home

My friend Tece is the most patient teacher ever. She is the one holding my hand and patting my back when I curse folded pleats or fabric that just won´t cooperate. She is the one that got me doing hats, taught me to do lucet-cords and the one I always turn to when having garb-related questions. And she got me to Finland for a class in 15th century dress that was just awesome! http://tecedekaxtone.livejournal.com/

Last year I took a class in gold work that was a true eyeopener for the versatility and possibilities of these techniques for Fia-Li at the Battle of Wisby encampment. The first results are seen on top of this page and I love it. The 3D-effects are a new favourite. Lots of tips and tricks were involved. And the little leaf with pearls is now on the lid of my fabric-covered box I made at Åsas class. http://natrixfiali.blogspot.se/

At this year´s Double Wars I took the Opus Anglicanum-class for Petronilla. I have seen here work before but never seen her in action. What a teacher! So calm, prepared and inspiring. She answered all my needle techniques-questions and her handout is now my bible. I see now how to make my own backgrounds in my almony purse, just need to gather the courage for it first… http://elishevaskitchen.blogspot.se/

So these are people I love and that inspire me. I link to their blogs/journals/websites so that you can see for your self. Some of them are not that active at the moment, but I´m sure they will be back on track soon! Of course there are so many others that inspire and help me out, both in real life and over the web and I cannot mention them all. I hope you know who you are!