onsdag 14 augusti 2019

From kirtle to a young man´s gown

As Medeltidsveckan, the large festival in our hometown, approached I once again found that the boys had grown. A lot. And, true to my aim at using what fabric I have and not buy new since a few years back, my fabric stash was empty of anything large enough to make something for them. So my gaze went to the number of kirtles that are not getting used anymore. My shortsleeved kirtle that is slightly too small and with the funky sleeves that never really worked well might need to be sacrificed. Said and done, in order to not ponder over it long enough to change my mind, I started to measure and cut.

The skirt was made of four long gores and was easily transformed into a young man´s gown in the plain fashion of the late 15th Century. Some seams could even be kept intact. 

 The main problem was the sleeves, the amount of fabric was not enough lengthwise, so I had to take two pieces out of the bodice back. This part was lined in a very thin green wool and was now used as cuffs, creating the nice effect of a contrasting lining when turned up. 

And the entire bottom hem could be reused, so it was a really fast project. And since the dress was well used, the gown now has parts that are bleached by the sun, making for a cool worn look in the new gown. And as I now definetly was out of fabric, I allowed myself to buy more during Medeltidsveckan, when there is a huge market with lots of vendors present. So for next year the gown will be supplemented with a new doublet and a pair of joined hose.