måndag 9 januari 2012

Fiddeling with small scale embroidery

I had my mind set on making a blogpost of my new pink hose or the new little black 16th century dress with the wretched pleats. But once the last embroidery project was finished, I suddenly felt that now is the time for getting started on that dream project I have planned for so long. An almony purse, 14th century-style, covered with fine silk embroidery. The perfect way to find use for all the different colours of fine sewing silk I have collected over the years. So, said and done, I cut my self a nice piece of hemp and looked for a motif. This little fellow, playing the fiddle or something similar, spoke to me from an old book and wanted to be done. I´m not all satisfied with the turnout so far, but it might get better over time. And since the backsides of embroidery is up for debate, I have to show off mine because this time (and so far) I haven´t messed up as I usually do...

The whole piece is not bigger than ten by ten centimetres and it´s easier than I expected to work in tiny details. And it´s a good thing that it is so tiny since I have to cover it completely and also make one more.

torsdag 5 januari 2012

Blinged and ready to travel

This is as far as I will go... The den is now filled with jewels and some precious artefacts, just visible as outlines in gold thread. I just couldn't cover too much of the beatiful golden silk.

The dragon´s den

My contribution for the Dragon´s Needles new challenge is soon done and ready for shipping. This is how I do to get it as pretty as possible after taking it from the frame.

First I need to take the fastening stiches between top and bottom fabric away. Then the bottom fabric needs to be cut down.

This is how the back looks once the bottom fabric has been cut down.

Then the whole thing needs to be pressed in order to look nice and flat. Use a damp cotton or linen cloth and a really hot iron.

And this is how it looks all done. Now I'm just going to sew some glass beads and some gold thread to it and it will be done.