torsdag 15 september 2011

Embroidery contributions for Gift Basket

Every year my SCA kingdom, Drachenwald, swops gift with another kingdom at this well-heard-of event called Pennsic. I have never visited Pennsic myself, partly because it takes place at the same time as my baronys biggest event, Medieval week, and partly because it takes a lot of money traveling to the States.

However, I like to contribute to the gift basket, since it is a way to show how many fantastic artisans we have here in Drachenwald. This summer I got the possibility, together with lady Lunetta, to emborider badges for the king and queen of Ealdormere, the kingdom with whom we swopped baskets this year.

I made the kings badge, a red wolf on white. and Lunetta made the queens, a rose.

This years basket has been mentioned on SCA today: where you also se the finished bags with badges as well as all the other contributions.

Drachenwald rocks in so many ways and I am proud to be a small part of it.

söndag 11 september 2011

We have dragons!

Just yesterday I was remembered about the closing deadline for the Guild challenge, 1st of October, so I have better get going! Since the gold work-experience during the Medieval week in August, I have fiddled with the idea of some appliqué in order to get a 3D-effect. I even got the very useful tip of just putting it on some small parts that really should stand out. So, diving into a basket full of small cloth scraps I found some more of the cherry red that I used for the heart appliqué. It was a bit tricky to get the pieces cut out right since the outline was fixed already, but well worth the effort. The head is all done, appliqué covered in red silk in split stitch and some bright green edged with thin gold thread for the eye.

And since I´m working with silk of different qualities the eye sinks in a bit deeper than the surrounding skin since the red silk is thicker. It is so much fun playing around with the materials like this! Now I just need to fill out the entire dragon with split stitch and then start on the hoard of treasures. I´m really looking forward to this since I´ve stocked up on jewel glass beads and goldthread.