onsdag 16 mars 2011

My new blog!

So, finally I´ve gotten around to create a new blog where I will try to document and show ongoing projects, mainly in the textile arts. As a member of the SCA (Society for Creative Anachronism) I aim to create beautiful things for my self, my family and for the society in general. My main interest is embroidery, which soon will show in the blog. Just now I try to get started on a new challenge by the Dragons Needle, the embroidery guild of the kingdom of Drachenwald where I´m a member.

The challenge is named "We have dragons" so the theme is quite obvious. My first task is to assemble the materials I will use for the first patch I´m making, a dragon on its hoard of jewels, goblets, coins and other precious things. Pictures will be posted!

I also have a number of unfinished embroidery projects, and in an attempt to find the inspiration to finish some of them, I start publishing pictures. Here´s one, supposed to become a pillow for my husband who got it for christmas some years ago. The technique is Bayeux stitch in a one-ply wool thread on dark green wool. What´s missing? The dog of course, that just won´t agree with me in how to sit...

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