tisdag 2 augusti 2011

A fitted gown in the making

Helping out friends with their wedding clothes (the wedding is soon, real soon..) I went to their home and completely forgot to bring my Herjolfsnes patterns for a fitted gown. But since I remembered Robin Nethertons alternative interpretation on how to make the "advanced" tailored sidegores in her article on Greenland fashion in volume four of Medieval textiles and clothing, I decided to give the method a go. It is really simple, cut the front and back panels, then cut triangular gores, as many as you want, and then you start fitting the dress on the recipient. We decided to make it simple, with two side-gores, and cut out the pieces in an old bed-sheet in order to get at pattern to keep.

When we were done, this is how it looks spread out. Doesn´t it look quite like the original?

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