torsdag 11 augusti 2011

Radio Ga-Ga

So, today I went early (well, fairly early) into town in order to meet up with the local radio that wanted to make a report on what is and what is not medieval in the dress of the visitors of MTV. I was called in as some kind of expert (hmpf, not sure that´s a good thing). But we had fun and some of the guys that I criticised came and asked about a million questions on whats right and wrong and what they should think about for future projects. The afternoon was spent fabric shopping and listening to Margareta Nockert. Interesting but not that inspirational as Isis Sturtewegens lecture yesterday. Some of my shopping today will most definetly be used for a frilled veil or two.

Todays outfit is the blue dress now worn with an open hood, more french than german...

Now sorting out what I need for tomorrows workshop - I´m learning goldwork!

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