lördag 25 februari 2012

Portable projects

When I travel on boat or train I find time I normally don´t have for projects. So I try to bring something, especially when I get away without the kids. Next week I´m going to a conference and I will have approximately 2 or more hours on are a train. Perfect project time! These are the candidates for accompaning me. Naalbinding is easy to bring and I have been without mittens for quite some time now. The yarn is dyed with birch leaves and I bought it from a lovely estonian lady on the medieval market on Medieval week here on Gotland a couple of years ago. And I always need more cord for dresses... Boring project and thus perfect for boring train rides or boat rides.

Booth the naalbinding needle and the fork for cords (don´t know an english word for it) I have bought at the same market as the green yarn, but these come from a very nice danish gentleman who comes every year vending lovely bone and horn things as well as glass beads. These tools are also very handy since they are not detectable by airport security.

4 kommentarer:

  1. Nice mitten!Lovely green.
    How many stitches do you pick on the needle?
    / Maria

  2. Its a lovely green. I think the fork you're talking about is whats known as a lucet in english, although I could be wrong

  3. I love green and couldn´t resist it (and I´m so good att resisting beautiful yarn otherwise...) I pick two loops behind the thumb in every stitch.

    Lucet! Sounds so familiar. And Google proves it. Thank`s!

  4. The "fork" is called a lucette. I've only just learned, but quickly was able to make about 8 meters for lacing my new kirtle.