söndag 11 mars 2012


Event season has begun! First out this year was my own barony´s Gourmet feast, this year themed Carnevale. And this of course raises the expectations a lot, both on the food and the dress.

Since I had finished that wretched dress with the darned rolled pleats (and yes, I was frustrated a lot during the process of pleating! Not my mothers back yard, I tell you) I thought this a superb opportunity to break it in, so to speak. The new hemd that I started on two weeks ago sadly didn´t get finished, but I made an orange gefrens to match the mask, borrowed from my sister in law. She has a collection of venetian masks since she studied Commedia dellárte there.

It´s a good thing that we have so many talented photographers at events that generously let me use pictures. This is not a posing picture but used taken while I was in conversation with others. Thanks Danel!

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