lördag 3 november 2012


So my friends, this week everything comes at the same time. We decided to sell our house and went searching for a new one, in town, so we can walk instead of drive and where we don´t get stressed out over the garden, the outhouses, the needed renovations... the list is endless. And guess what! We found our new house. And you know the feeling when entering a house and instantly see where you would put your own furniture? That must be the right house for us. And from my new bedroom window I can se the towers of the medieval town wall.

On the same day as we gave an offer on the house and got it accepted, I got the letter from the hospital saying I will do my breastreduction at the end of November. Great! But that means that everything I have to do getting our house in order for selling it must be done before that. Bummer. I will have no problem filling my days and weekends the coming month.

Well, since I´ve lost weight and will loose the boobs, time to clear out the closets and yes, I will sell most of my medieval clothes. It´s more fun sewing new clothes than altering. I might keep some stuff, like the dark green 14th-century dress embroidered with acorns and oak leaves, but other than that, no.

So my word of the month is downsizing, in almost every aspect.

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