söndag 25 november 2012

To challenge myself

I just joined a new facebook group, the DW 30-day challenge, after having seen friend after friend joining. What a great idea, challenge yourself to try something new for thirty days. I have been giving it some thought, since that is about all I can at the moment, awaiting the surgery next week and the move in three weeks. But since I will get my own study in the new house, I will do as I promised myself years ago and make use of at least one of all the looms I´m housing. So that will be my new challenge for the new year, try out handweaving, aiming to make a piece of fabric big enough to then make into a garment for my self. But that is surely a bit more than a 30-day job. So on the same path, I do wanna practice weaving edges since I´m crap at it and it is needed for assembling pouches and the like. Also I wanna challenge myself into other techniques for assembling pouches, as they are described in Sweet bags by Jacqui Carey.

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